Bumi Pemuda Rahayu is a small organisation run by a core team of 5 people from different backgrounds and from across the sector.

Marco Kusumawijaya
Founder and Director

Marco is a trained architect and urban planner. As a journalist, Marco covered urban issues in Indonesia for Aikon Foundation and other publications. He initiated his country's Green Map network in 2002, shortly after publishing the first Jakarta Green Map. Today, he has published 3 Jakarta Green Maps & assisted another 8 published nationally. He is also developing the Asia Mapmakers network. Marco is one of the founders of Bumi Pemuda Rahayu and is also the centres' director.

Isol Saladien
General Manager

Isol is the General Manager at Bumi Pemuda Rahayu and is responsible to day-to-day running of the arts centre along with maintaining the community relationships that are vital to BPR. Isol has a wealth of experience running community projects in rural settings.

Kristi Monfries
Program Manager

Kristi Monfries has a background in arts producing, curating and project management. She is the current program manager and has worked on many projects that focus on community engagement and the environment. Kristi is at BPR as a volunteer through the Australian Government Aid programs.


Antariksa is one of the founding members of KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre — the sister organisation to BPR. He is also the main advisor to BPR and is also an historian and researcher.