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Bumi Pemuda Rahayu aims to support a vision of ecological sustainability through works with communities and arts on practical and theoretical levels. Architecturally the site itself is built on a model of self-sustainability, using various methods to approach minimum carbon footprint. All the materials used have been chosen for its lowest impact on energy, using recycled materials with the main building itself made from bamboo. All its waste will be recycled or composted, with specially designed human waste recycling plant to generate electrical power. The garden has been planned to be completely edible.

Aside from its architectural and environmental focus the other important aim is to support the local community. People from the local area were invited to be an integral part of this new centre and have already been employed to help build the centre, including the main bamboo multipurpose hall. They have been given training in new skills from master bamboo builders and expert architects and landscape designers.

The bamboo hall in BPR
The bamboo hall in BPR

The centre’s arts programs aims at process and forms that are innovative and creative for the local area within an international context. The activities that have been run in the past include science workshops for children, bamboo making workshops, artist residencies, puppet making with the local children and video making classes with women from Munthuk.

Bumi Pemuda Rahayu is located in the village of Muntuk, Sub-district Dlingo, District of Bantul in Yogyakarta Sepecial Territory (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta), and was founded in 2012. It is a new organization in its early stages of development and was founded by the architect Marco Kusumawijaya and other co-workers from the Jakarta-based Rujak Centre for Urban Studies, as well as from Arsitek Komunitas (ARKOM) Yogyakarta and Antariksa of Kunci Cultural Studies Centre.

The centre is in a hilly region in the south of Yogya, near Imogiri, about 420 m above sea level and is surrounded by pine forests, wooden and bamboo handicrafts and fruit plantations.

This location was chosen because of its mild climate, a neighbourhood that has an artisan tradition, its being in the middle of a semi-rural community with all its potentials and problems, but also not too far from the city of Yogyakarta which is the hub of creativity and contemporary art. The centre is also surrounded by a community which has been engaged as partners and workers when building the centre.

The facilities at Bumi Pemuda Rahayu include a dormitory style accommodation (with for a maximum of 40 people (doublet triple occupancy), guest-house private rooms with private bathrooms for a maximum of 10 people (double occupancy),  a multipurpose bamboo hall that can accommodate up to 100 people, workshop space (for bamboo- and wood-working, for the time being), shared kitchen, open theatre (Teater Pohon or Tree Theatre), a “Joglo” (the traditional Javanese roofed open structure)  and organic edible garden.